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Project Overview

This application redesign project is also an opportunity to rebuild trust between the organization, athletes and all stakeholders involved in the fight against doping. The main reason is that the application is obsolete, in terms of both user experience and technology. These shortcomings cause a lot of frustration in the sports community. We have redesign website and app to make filing whereabouts faster and easier, while assisting athletes to provide better information to USADA.

Website & Mobile App
Athlete Express
The United States
Anti-Doping Agency







UX Design
UI Design


The Athlete Express website &App allows athletes in USADA’s Registered Testing Pool to view and update already-submitted whereabouts information.

• Quickly access and scroll through your whereabouts calendar.

• Add, delete, and change your current and upcoming location information.

In concrete terms, these athletes have to share their day-to-day Whereabouts, the hotels where they are staying, their place of residence, etc. They also have to indicate a time slot during the day when they could be tested. The data must be provided online every quarter and updated as needed, during the regular season and competition periods, either through the website or a mobile app. With this data, USADA can orchestrate “surprise” tests by control officers.

  • We needed to dive deeper into why AthleteExpress was received so poorly in app stores. We dug into our main users, their usage frequency, and how it compares against competitors in the app’s landscape. 

  • We have a UX problem if someone forgets to hit submit

  • Review current Whereabouts Submission workflow 

  • Determine a better submission workflow to reduce user clicks

  • Determine the most important items to be shown on the home screen


We  broke down the users by their attributes, pain points, motivations, goals and responsibilities. I deconstructed the app into a sitemap to provide a visual understanding of Athlete Epress’s navigational structure and information architecture of what actions and which content is shown for each page. 

Afterwards, we were able to pinpoint exactly where in the user’s journey needed improvement and developed mockups accordingly.

Based on all our conversations with the client, we added continuous reminder to the user that they need to submit their quarterly whereabouts. 

User Interviews & Surveys

To validate the quality of the idea, I conducted some quick user surveys with the primary user base I was targeting. The responses helped me gauge what the immediate thoughts of some users were and their pain points. It gave me valuable insight into what is currently working and what is not.

What do you find difficult about Athlete Express _.jpg
Pain Point & Oppertunities
Pain point-2.jpg
WCAG 2.5.5 Complaince

​Design choices to make USADA more accessible while putting athletes at the center of interactions

  • Provide screen reader annotations

  • Provide appropriate color contrast

  • The touch target size, within the logged-in experience, of the "previous day" and "next day" arrows ("<" and ">") have a width of increased to at least 44px for WCAG 2.5.5 compliance

  • Avoid All Caps

  • Remove asterisk from Required Fields and add optional text

  • Ensure that form elements include associated labels

Branding and logo design

I created a style guide to support the developers that were rebuilding and redesigning the system behind Athlete Express, as well as for handing off designs to succeeding designers. 

As an additional measure of accessibility and usability, I tested each color to determine its accessibility. Each color passed AA accessibility standards where needed.

Style guide.jpg
Site Map

The sitemap informed the user’s journey we designed. My team (developers, a product manager, and myself) captured different flows for each of the four groups of the main users- RTP, CAP, UFC, and Non-Pool. In conversations with the client, we reminded the user that they must submit their quarterly whereabouts. 

Screenshot 1944-05-20 at 2.51.47 PM.png
Home Screen:

We want to focus on what's most important to the user:

  • Ability to submit quarterly whereabouts

  • Ability to update whereabouts

  • View of daily calendar

  • Quick access to test results


All other items (Resources, Education, Contact, Whereabouts) can be easily accessed via the hamburger menu.

We've designed a more minimal home page without all the unnecessary tiles.

High Fidelity
submitted-today date.jpg
not cometing.jpg
training time.jpg
Date and time.jpg
planet fitness detail.jpg
Add 60_Date and time.jpg
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