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Project Overview

Lead the user-centric process to provide design solutions to clients from various products like Tax Organizer, Dashboard, and Engagement Letter Wizzard, using the end-to-end design process across strategy, research, interaction design, and visual design.


The first fully digital, end to end productivity platform for CPAs


Design System



UX Design
UI Design



Our job was to create a robust and secure platform protecting valuable data and allowing our clients to securely exchange sensitive information with confidence which is also intuitive and has a superior user experience.

  • Most tax software was built without the end user in mind and is not user-friendly and does not play well with other software systems.

  • There isn’t 1 central starting place for tax professionals to go to manage all their work.

  • Most firms use multiple and outdated platforms and tools that are hard to access, integrate with or manipulate the data.

  • How does a firm take an outdated platform and modernize it without replacing everything?

  • Directly engage with clients through a modern secure portal.

  • Automatically store documents, instantly accessible by team members.

  • Easily track and manage client work across your firm

  • Gain unlimited insights through reporting and analytics capabilities at your fingertips

Tax Organizer
  • Smooth, digital client experience for clients to upload tax documents directly.

  • The HubSync electronic tax organizer gathers all 1040 data from clients in a digital, streamlined process, 

  • Clients complete a tax questionnaire that guides the process and tailors the organizer to what is needed from each client

  • Quickly view the data as it is collected from clients.

  • All documents collected are stored automatically in HubSync for easy retrieval Pulls prior year return data from CCH.

Flow Chart
Tax Organizer - Frame 1 (1).jpg
Engagement Letter Wizard

Our job was to make signing Engagement letters a frictionless experience for our clients.

  1. Send letters in bulk.

  2. Tracks the status of signatures.

  3. Automatically stores signed letters.​

  4. 1-click client search for access.

  5. Downloadable PDF on demand.

The Hub Dashboard

Dynamically brings all your work to your fingertips in one fully customized view.

  • One place for everything you need

  • Quick links to your applications

  • Status of Engagements

  • Client Interaction & Notifications

  • Fully customizable for your firm’s needs

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