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Project Overview

Targeted users will be able to access the Team JuJu mobile app from both the iOS and Android mobile app stores. It allows experiential engagement between JuJu and the Team JuJu user base.  Advanced campaign management, fulfillment, and distribution tools will allow a Team JuJu administrative user to easily create and schedule promotions that incentivize engagement through discount offers, real-life products and services, and digital goods. These digital goods will be stored in the user's own personal in-application wallet and can be shared with other users.  





UX Design
UI Design

Graphic design(digital Cards)



DFND wanted the design for their app to be dynamic, gamified, youthful, and simple to use. This fandom management and engagement platform customized and individualized for athletes (like JuJu). A good dose of illustration, 3d graphics along with solid UX combined to give this app a good user experience a special flavor. We designed their custom back-end web application and campaign database, and continue to support app as they expand their business.

Screen Shot 2021-01-05 at 11.04.48
  • How digital goods will be stored in the user's own personal in-application wallet and can be shared with other users?

  • How advanced campaign management, fulfilment, and distribution tools will allow a Team JuJu administrative user to easily create and schedule promotions that incentivise engagement through discount offers, real-life products and services, and digital goods?  

  • Can any given moment, Team JuJu might drop 5,000 mystery lockers anywhere on earth or online? What these lockers will contain?-valuable and oftentimes scarce digital collectibles and real-world stuff like game-worn gear, secret invites to play squads, or even a chance to meet Boujee. 

  • Can we superimpose a digital object on customers view of the real world and reward them for capturing it at their location?

  • Easily create an account.

  • Sign-in/Log-out of my account.

  • Password recovery.

  • Interactive tutorial screens

  • Access Blocks as shown in design mock-up:

            • Web View integrations to existing Juju website
            • Access links to Instagram, Tik Tok 

  • Select from one of the highlighted top banner carousel engagement opportunities.

  • Play Mission – a clue based, geographical treasure hunt game.

  • Store digital assets in a personal in-app wallet.

  • Send collectible from your wallet to another wallet

  • Real-Time content streams.

  • Create JuJu clue missions. 

  • Manage top banner carousel opportunities and direct links to missions.

  • Manage content for blog and video blog links. 

  • Step by step campaign creation wizard.

  • Create custom coupons or display ads in conjunction with missions.

  • Group locations that can be reused for campaign creation.

  • Set tolerances within a campaign to create a scarcity of digital assets and coupons.

  • Ability to view analytics on user activity or coupon usage.

  • Upload custom map pins for campaigns.

  • Upload images for the home screen slider.

User Interviews and Surveys

To analyze fan engagement, we conducted a survey of over 15 JuJu fans across Pittsburgh on their experience and categorized them on three types : casual fans, fans that love the league, and fanatics.

Across this sample of fans, which was selected to be broadly representative of the Pittsburgh population across age, gender, ethnicity, and income, our survey had three sections that aimed to answer a series of key questions that address the three key forums of the fan experience:

  • What are fan expectations of the stadium experience, including how app can address the fan’s basic needs and engage the fan?

  • What are fans’ current levels of expectation and perceptions for consuming the game, stats, highlights, and team news during a live game across channels (broadcast, over-the-top/streaming media, and digital)?

  • What are the key drivers of the fan experience when interacting with and staying connected with the team outside of the game, throughout the year?

    In addition to these three core questions, we included a fourth section of the survey, addressing the desired fan experience in this section included frequncy of use of social media and what fan wants to collect.


I created my persona, Joey, to have a clearer understanding of his pain points and worked on his current user journey to identify what his frustrations are.

User Persona
Site Map

The final version of the Sitemap shows the simplicity of the app. Navigation is not cluttered with a lot of options that allow easy access to wanted features.

Covid User Flow Changes

As a location-based app, the app requires people to go to the location to capture a Locker or key and collect digital assets. After covid, we changed AR-type campaign to clue based campaign. The clue-based campaign allows users to experience AR at the comfort of their homes reward them for capturing it.


As I pondered about possible solutions, I asked a few colleagues to join me in a Round-robin brainstorming session before arriving at my final ideas. I gathered the info and finalized the concept.


As always, we will begin by reviewing the app’s onboarding process. Arguably the most crucial component of any user experience, onboarding should seamlessly familiarise the user with the application, efficiently easing them into the interface. We decide to have the option of " Explore as a guest option"and will ask for mobile no after onboarding.

APP Wireframe
Admin Panel Wireframe

Low and Middle Fidelity

My Low Fidelity testing was challenging as I had to change it quite often after testing my paper prototypes with users. 

Prototyping through Invision

When I first began creating a flow in an Invision project, I was focused on trying to get all the functionality down. The best aspect of Invision is how easily Sketch is able to sync with it. 

User Testing

Prototype using Invision

Beta Testing- Before the release, we tested the app with a test flight.

Test Objectives:
  • How well users understand the following basic navigational structure and features

  • Do users understand task flows of the following: sign up, find chest and key, open chest, send a card to a friend.

Test Findings
  • I kept the design simple and made it even more engaging. The Home page has a scrolling banner and six blocks. One main features are promoted – Mission.

  • Mission lets the user find the campaign in the list and map view. 

  • A user can open a treasure chest and key.

  • A user can open the chest and collect digital collectibles or coupons. 

  • A user can send digital collectable to a friend.

Digital collectable

Bridging the gap between the physical and digital world, DFND has the power to offer fans exclusive access to a show, a seat upgrade, or meet-and-greet, all through an unlimited arsenal of digital experiences and collectibles.

I have created four-card series for the first release. Each series has common, uncommon, rare, and epic cards. Back of the cards has fun facts about cards.

Inspiration Series
Legends Series
Family Series
Boujee Series
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